Tuesday New Item List

Happy Tuesday, Beer Geeks! Today is an exciting day. We got some extremely fun stuff in the shop and we want to tell you all about it. Take a look below and hit us up if you’d like any holds.

Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339 with your name!

Perennial 17 – LIMIT 2

(via Untappd Allen S.)

Back again, one of our favorite Imperial Stouts with mint and chocolate.

4 Hands Kriek – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd K.B.)

So yeah, 4 Hands made a Kriek. And we have a few bottles to go around. If you want this one, text immediately, however, wait for a reply. We don’t have many!

Firestone Walker Bravo – NO HOLDS

(via Untappd Glen G.)

A new one in the amazing Firestone Walker barrel aging program. Bravo is an Imperial Brown Ale aged in Bourbon barrels.

Abita Bourbon Street Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – LIMIT 2

(via Untappd Brian F.)

Abita makes some incredible Bourbon Barrel aged beers at an amazing price. If you haven’t tried them, you should!

Crooked Stave L’Brett d’Apricot – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Jon T.)

The first time we’ve seen this one at our shop, their L’Brett series takes a fruited turn! Now featuring Apricots?! Amazing!

Crooked Stave Surette w Peaches – LIMIT 1

(via Juicy J)

Brandon’s favorite sour in the shop is Surette. Now we have some with Peaches? Great googly moogly!

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja du Kriek – LIMIT 1

The amazing La Roja, aged in oak with Cherries. This might be their best beer?? We absolutely love it.

Jolly Pumpkin Sobrehumano Palena’ole

Oh sweet baby Jebus! It’s a collab with Jolly Pumpkin and Maui! Passion fruit and cherry sour. SO WANT!!

Jolly Pumpkin Clementina

A new Clementine orange sour from Jolly Pumpkin. Niiiccee!

O’Fallon Bottlehouse Brown Ale – NEW YEAR ROUND

(via Untappd Dan B.)

A new brown ale from our buddies at O’Fallon.

Friday New Beer Alert

ALERT!! There’s new beer in the shop! Of COURSE there’s new beer in the shop. It’s been a crazy week and we have a crazy day with our Fest of the Wild tomorrow. So if you’d like something, text us now or come and see us!

Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339 with your name!

Marz Ruby’s Tears – NO HOLDS

(via Untappd Steve)

A GOSE from Marz?? AWWWW MAN!! Nice! Made with Hibiscus and Coriander. HHHnnnggg!

Omnipollo Nautilus – 12 OZ BTLS!

(via Untappd Emanuel)

This one is a HUGE shop favorite and it’s now in 12oz bottles! A blueberry sour that amazingly crushable.

Evil Twin Sanguinem Aurantiaco

(via Untappd Anthony Riccardi)

Their new sour ale with blood orange! Yum!

Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast CANS

(via Untappd Hop Kings)

The amazing coffee stout from Mikkeller is now in 12oz cans and is unbelievably cheap. We LOVE this move!

Mikkeller Beer Geek Bunch CANS

(via Untappd Steven N.)

Yep! The best of the set this time around, now also in cans. #ProperGlassware

Mikkeller Beer Rauch Breakfast

The smoked imperial stout is now in 22oz bombers for the same damn price that the 12oz ones were!

Mikkeller Hop Geek Breakfast

The black IPA from Mikkeller. Basically the Beer Geek stout heavily hopped. This one is amazing!

Mikkeller Brand New Normal

(via Untappd Shane)

Super curshable Berliner in a can? From Mikkeller?? OK!

Wednesday “BACK AGAINS” and “NEW FOR YOU”!

Hey team (we’re a team, right??), we’re excited about some new stuff that landed yesterday and today. Take a peek below and let us know if we can do any holds for you!

Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339 with your name!

Boulevard Rye on Rye on Rye – LIMIT 1

Last year draught only, now in bottles. This is probably their best barrel aged beer!

2nd Shift Katy – BACK AGAIN

(via Untappd Colin W.)

AHHHHHhhhhhh… all is right with the world again. Katy is back in the shop! We missed you! No limits, just back again and easing an aching soul.

Shmaltz Klingon Imperial Porter – FOR THE GEEK IN YOU

(via Untappd Ryan M.)

The latest is the Shmaltz Star Trek series, this time we have an Imperial Porter! As Worf would say… “HIq tlhutlh!!”


(via Untappd Chris R.)

The amazing Red IPA from Stone is back again for a short time!

Bell’s Consecrator – RETURNING SEASONAL

(via Untappd Josh P.)

One of the best American made Doppelbocks, Consecrator is back again for a short time.