Thursday Beer Drop..

We’ve gotten SO much new beer this week. Take a look at this post and yesterday’s post to get all caught up. And if you’d like us to hold anything, all you have to do is text!

Want a hold? Text your name and what you’d like to 314-399-9339.

4 Hands Plush – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Phil B.)

The New Year beer from 4 Hands is Here! WOOT!

BFM La Quatorze XIV

(via Untappd Adam R.)

BFM has made some extremely impressive, yet equally difficult to find, limited release beers. This one is a simple weizenbock but it’s freaking delicious!

Green Flash Baroque Belgique

(via Untappd Jason W.)

Long awaited cork & cage beers from Green Flash have arrived! This one is a Brett conditioned Pale Ale

Green Flash Ideal Belgique

(via Untappd Keith)

This one is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Wednesday New & Fresh & Crazy…

Hey Folks! Happy post-Xmas to all of our fellow Beer Geeks! We hope it was a great one. Well, we have some really cool stuff for you today. Hold on tight, take a look, and TEXT FOR HOLDS!

Want a hold? Text your name and what you’d like to 314-399-9339.

Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail CANS! – LIMIT 6pk

(via Untappd Kyle G)

Oh holy CRAP! It’s in CANS now?? Yeah, that’s right. AND it’s cheaper. AND it’s super fresh!

Boon Geuze – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Roni L)

Have you heard of Boon? Oh holy crap, they are freaking AMAZING. Any Belgian lambic fan should be excited that these are in the market now. We’re PUMPED!

Omnipollo Selassi – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Zach V.)

Did you miss this one last time? This is an AMAZING imperial stout from one of the most prolific stout producers in the world right now.

Against the Grain Pile of Face – LIMIT 1 4PK

(via Untappd Matt)

Did you try this one when we had it on draught?? Well now we have it in CANS! SWEET! It’s a really really good IPA with a light body, slight haziness, and big citrus notes. Delicious!

Against the Grain Kentucky Ryed Chiquen – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Wes)

This is an American amber ale aged in Kentucky Rye Whiskey barrels. There are no feathers on the bottles. WHAAA!!


(via Untappd Eirik R)

The original Flanders Red that put Rodenbach on the map, aptly named Rodenbach. This one is delicious and it’s their base.

Rodenbach Grand Cru

(via Untappd Nakaley D.)

The same Flanders Red as above but aged for 2 years in oak.

Rodenbach Alexander – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Sid)

Alexander is a blend of fresh Rodenbach and 2 year aged Grand Cru. Master blenders keep this beer tasting the same throughout the decades. This beer is their crowning achievement.

Rodenbach Caractere – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Charlie)

This is the Alexander but aged with cherries, cranberries, and raspberries. One of the best fruited sours we’ve ever had in the store.

Urban Family Muerte Al Cereal – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Mark T.)

Oh for the love of Pete! Have you tried Death to Cereal? We’ll it’s an unbelievable breakfast stout. This is the Mexican chocolate version. GOOD LORD!!

Urban Family Heart of Stone – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Jeff B.)

This is their sour with plum and apricot. They don’t do a lot of fruited sours so we’re pleasantly surprised to see this one!

Urban Family Gentleman Caller – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Dan I.)

Another in their stellar lineup of sours, this one is dry hopped with Belma, Simcoe, and Huell Melon. HHNNNGG!

Urban Family Pineapple Milkshake – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Anthony)

Ooook Urban Family. Now you have our undivided attention. A lactose IPA with Pineapple? YAASS!!

Urban Family Darker My Love – LIMIT 1

(via Untappd Joshua O.)

Foeder aged dark sour…. omg that sounds amazing.

Urban Family Aristocratic Fantasy

(via Untappd Kelsey S.)

Described as a tart 4-grain farmhouse ale. Categorized as a Farmhouse IPA? Strange. Sounds awesome though!

Urban Family Imagined History

(via Untappd johnathan w.)

Ok, this sounds weird but it’s actually delicious. It’s brewed with squash, hay (??), and spices.

Urban Family Saint Anthony’s Fire

(via Untappd Jeremy H.)

This one is their Rye Farmhouse Ale. It’s a farmhouse ale. With rye. Nice rye spice on a traditional farmhouse ale? Yeah, ok, sounds great!

Urban Family Clouds of Pale Gold

(via Untappd Chad N.)

This one is back again. It’s amazing and gives you a great idea why Urban Family is becoming one of our favorite breweries. It’s a classic Saison fermented atop fresh dandelion flowers, dandelion greens, and Meyer lemons.

Blackberry Farm Alban Farmhouse Red

(via Untappd)

Blackberry Farm.. how do we love thee?? A LOT! This is their Flanders Red aged in Red Wine Barrels. SUPER highly rated and extremely delicious.

Blackberry Farm Barrel Series Brett Belgo IPA

(via Untappd Deja)

This is their Brett IPA which is double dry-hopped. SUPER good stuff.

Some Returns

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Cans – BACK AGAIN!

(via Untappd Matt R.)

Against the Grain Citra Ass Down – WHOOMP!

(via Untappd Adam O.)

Blackberry Farm Blackberry Rye

(via Untappd Keith D.)

Wednesday New Beer. Round 2.

Of course we have new beer. It’s Wednesday, that’s how we do! Take a look at what showed up and let us know if you’d like any holds. CHECK CHECK IT!

Want a hold? Text your name and what you’d like to 314-399-9339.

Petrus Sour Quad

(via Untappd Susan D.)

A sour Belgian Quad aged in Oak? FROM PETRUS? Sounds freaking awesome! Only got a handful of bottles.

Piraat Rum Barrel Aged

(via Untappd Lloyd F.)

Piraat Ale… you know that one? It’s a Belgian Golden Strong Ale. And it’s AMAZING! This is their Rum Barrel Aged version. Sweet!

Founders Lizard of Koz – BACK AGAIN

(via Untappd in_hop_persuit)

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with blueberries and vanilla. This one is simply awesome and we were lucky enough to get another case. Final call for holds on this one!