This Weekend is Looking NICE

Welcome to Weekend-Eve! We got a crazy amount of limited release stuff to tide you over through the weekend. Take a peek at what’s arrived, take a deep breath, pre-enter your name into a text message…. AND LET’S DO THIS!

Want a hold? Text your name and what you’d like to 314-399-9339.

4 Hands Absense of Light – LIMITED SEASONAL

(via Untappd Art d.)

IT’S BACK, BABY!! Everyone’s favorite Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout has returned. We’re pumped to see this one again!

Logboat Jerk Alert – DOUBLE IPA!!

(via Untappd Ryan M.)

Our buddies in Como are killing it lately. We’re extremely pumped about their first DIPA to hit St. Louis. We got the chance to try a can and DAAYYYUUUMMM it’s good.

Uinta Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Ken M.)

(via Untappd Ken M.)

New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve: Vanilla Chai

(via Untappd Matt S)

(via Untappd Matt S)

Abraxas Release 2016

Awwww yeah, it’s BACK! Seriously, our FAVORITE beer in the midwest, Abraxas is landing at our shop again. For our 2016 Perennial Abraxas release, we will do a scheduled bottle release. We will release bottles of Abraxas at our store on Monday October 31 at 6:00 PM. We got a generous amount of Abraxas this year so we expect to be able to spread the allocation out to several people. HOWEVER, this is a highly limited beer and so we cannot comment on allotments until we see the amount of people that show up. So we are going to base limits on how many people are in line at 6:00 PM. We will have some special beers on draught during the release as well.

*** As a courtesy, in addition to our standard bottle release, starting at 6:30 pm Monday, we will begin taking text holds for Abraxas. Limit of 1 bottle per person and you must be in our Beer Geek club. Holds are good for 24 hours only.


Monday October 31 at 6:00 PM


Craft Beer Cellar
8113 Maryland Ave
Clayton, MO 63105


Abraxas bottle release. Limit determined by turnout.

Special Draught

Deschutes Anniversary XVIII
Others TBD

Please contact us at or 314-222-2444 with any questions.

Thursday.. AKA “HOLY CRAP” Day. AKA, Crazy New Beer Day.

Sometimes, friends… sometimes we get SO much awesome beer, it’s just too much to handle. So we got a LOT of goodies today but we can’t get all of them to everyone. So take a look at what landed, put in some careful consideration, and text your hold requests.

Want a hold? Text your name and what you’d like to 314-399-9339.

Marz Jungle Boogie – LIMIT 2 CANS PER

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OH SNAP!! We did so well with our initial can release that they decided to ramp up supply to St. Louis quickly. So we got more of this one but, sadly, still not a heck of a lot. Limit of 2 cans per person.

Stillwater Nu-Tropic – LIMIT 2 CANS PER

(via Untappd Randy S.)

If you blinked, you probably missed this one last time. This is AWESOME. It’s an IPA with mango and passionfruit. But it’s not sweet. It’s extremely well balanced and freaking delicious.

Evil Twin Perfect Matcha – LIMIT 1 BTL PER

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Oh shiiit… it’s their Berliner base (think Nomader Weiss) with Pineapple and Matcha. What’s Matcha? you ask? It’s a type of finely ground tea. This beer is on the “HHNNGGG” list for the week.

Evil Twin Pachamama – LIMIT 2 CANS PER

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Dammit, Evil Twin!! Ok, this one is a new one in the Two Roads collab series. It’s a porter with sweet potato, purple mais, and Aji panca chili peppers. Think Piney River Sweet Potato mixed with New Belgium Cocoa Mole.

Evil Twin Maple Jesus – NO HOLDS. ASK FOR IT, BRO!

Sorry, no holds but not on the shelf either. Come in and ask us for it.

Against the Grain Bloody Show – LIMIT ONE 4PK

Ok, the name is totally gross but the beer is unbelievable. Mikkeller collab blood orange pilsner. SO FREAKING GOOD!

Blackberry Farm Brett Fruit Blend – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Justin)

The first fruited Brett beer we’ve gotten from Blackberry Farms. If this one stands up to the quality of beer they’ve been producing, it’s going to be unbelievable. It’s blackberries and aged in French oak California Red Wine barrels.

Kees Pecan Porter – LIMITED

You no know Kees? Why you no know Kees? They make AMAZING porters and imperial stouts. This Pecan Porter is a new one in their stellar porter lineup.

Hof ten Dormaal Barrel Aged Blonde – Calvados – LIMITED

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This is a new one for 2016. It’s their blonde aged in Calvados Barrels.

Great Divide Fresh Hop – LIMITED SEASONAL

(via Untappd Luke U.)

Super fresh. This one has a bit more bitterness than it’s peers which is A-OK with us. Tried it last night, love it.

Deschutes Armory XPA – NOW IN 6PKS

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Not sure what’s “experimental” about it but didn’t look it up. The bottle doesn’t say the hop so we’ll allow you to use the Google box if you’d like. Nice, clean, crisp. A little bit of citrus. Tasty as fuuuu.