Here We Are Again.. On Our Own

Ok, here we go.. this week has been CRAZY for limited releases! To be fair, it’s been a while since we’ve had some crazy hauls like this though. They all hit at once! So for the last time this week, here is the new and exciting and limited stuff.. for your consideration;

Want a hold? Text your name and what you’d like to 314-399-9339.

4 Hands Snake Oil – SEASONAL

(via Untappd Greg D.)

SWEET!! It’s back! We saw this one more than a year ago and it’s back just in time for the weekend. This juicy Red IPA is in CANS now too!

Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee Porter – LIMIT 2 1 CAN PER

(via Untappd Sam Z.)

IT’S BACK!!! Last time we sold out in minutes. This time we’re putting it in the blog to hopefully slow down the volume of requests. We’re limiting it to 2 per person for obvious reasons. TEXT NOW!

Evil Twin Aun Mas Café Jesus – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Frank S.)

One of our favorite stouts from Evil Twin but blended with coffee. This one is amazing!


(via Untappd Joshua G.)

A Berliner Weiss with pineapple and mango?? OK!

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Raspberry Umami – SOLD OUT

We only got 6 of these so we CANNOT do holds. Unfortunately. BUT we will hide them throughout the shop and we’ll update the blog when they’re all gone. BOOM! Imperial Biscotti Break with Raspberry aged in Bourbon Barrels.

Dugges / Stillwater Tropic Punch Ale – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Brian L.)

This was one of our favorites when it came out last time. SO easy to drink. Wouldn’t even put it into the sour category but MAN ALIVE it was delicious. We only got a few so text us right now if you want one.

Dugges / Stillwater Tropic Sunrise – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Chris H.)

The latest in the same series as the beer above. NO we haven’t tried it yet but YES we are getting a little pee pee pants excited about it.

Against the Grain Mac Fanny Baw – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Phil W.)

Last time we got only 3 bottles of this and it went right on our Friday Flight. Well this time we must have done something to make someone happy (ahem) so we got a few more. We don’t have a bunch to go around but we’ll do our best. She’s a Bourbon barrel aged Rauchbier and she’s a good’n.

Against the Grain Citra Ass Down – BACK AGAIN!

(via Untappd Jeff H.)

This bad mamma jamma is everyone’s favorite double IPA and it’s back again in highly limited quantities. TRY THIS BEER!

Urban Family Blackberry Harvest – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Erik N.)

Urban Family is quietly becoming one of our new favorites.. they make consistently awesome sours so we’re pumped about this one. It’s a Blackberry Berliner Weiss. WOOT!

Urban Family Citra Noir – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd J B.)

It’s a dark sour with black lemons. Does anyone know what black lemons are? Is it like named after the person who discovered them? Like Jimmy Black? Or are the actually black? We’ll Google it later.

Urban Family Flat Earth Theory

(via Untappd Sora L)

Ok, so it’s made with Omija berries. If you know wtf that is without hitting the Google machine, well, we owe you a beer or something. It’s a wine barrel aged sour with Omija berries. There. Very highly rated on Untappd.

Urban Family Hoppy Magnolia

(via Untappd Chris A.)

So this is one of their original beers. It’s a dry hopped farmhouse. Just simple, light, enjoyable perfection. This one is awesome.

Blackberry Farms Brett Saison – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Tyler)

Blackberry Farms… oh how do we love thee? This is the first Brett conditioned beer we’ve gotten from them so far. They make some AMAZING stuff so this one should be awesome.

Blackberry Farms Daily Miel

(via Untappd Ryan O.)

This one is a collab with Fullstream. Here’s the descriptiod… A rustic Farmhouse Ale brewed with two varieties of spelt, aged Noble hops, and over 6 pounds per barrel of Carolina Piedmont and Tennessee Foothills honey. Fermented with both of our unique house yeast strains, this complex and satisfying ale embraces the hive mentality.

Schlafly Imperial Oktoberfest – FLIP TOP BOTTLE!

(via Untappd Jeff J.)

Not only an Oktoberfest but an IMPERIAL Oktoberfest. Not only an IMPERIAL Oktoberfest but a wicked awesome fliptop bottle too! WOOT!

Intense New Beer Haul Today… Be Ready!

Ok, we got SO MUCH new stuff today. Hold on to your knickers and be ready to text your hold requests. Remember that all holds are good for 48 hours unless you request more time. ALL of this is very small batch stuff and we may not be able to accommodate all. Be sure to wait for our reply. We’ll do our best to get everyone taken care of.

Want a hold? Text your name and what you’d like to 314-399-9339.

Here we go!

Deschutes Pinot Suave – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Scott G.)

Yep, it’s back! This one is an wine barrel aged Belgian Strong ale aged in French Pinot oak barrels with grape must.

Firestone Walker Lil’ Opal – SOLD OUT

Yeah, we can’t take hold requests for this one because it’s just one of those things. HOWEVER, we got 12 bottles and they are hidden so you have to ask. That means, if you can get here soon, you’ve got a good shot at getting one!

Dieu du Ciel! Solstice d’Eté – ANNUAL RELEASE

(via Untappd Andre)

This beer is INCREDIBLE. We only got a couple cases last year and it was gone before we knew it. If you want to try one of the best raspberry sours out there, this is your chance.

Grimm Double Negative – LIMIT 1 PER

Gold medal winner. Perfect imperial stout from our favorite small batch brewery, Grimm. Best stouts and sours we’ve tried!

Grimm Telekinesis – LIMITED RE-RELEASE

(via Untappd Joel G.)

So amazingly refreshing, this dry hopped sour is one of the best out there.

Grimm Super Going – LIMITED RE-RELEASE

(via Untappd Sean B.)

This one is beyond compare. Yes, we’ve had it a few times now and it’s back again for a limited time. It’s a dry hopped Gose with Orange zest. And it’s SOOO good. HHNNGGG

Mikkeller Brunch Weasel – LIMITED RE-RELEASE

(via Untappd Nick U.)

Brewed with coffee beans that have been pooped out by weasels. Sounds great right? Well that coffee is a delicacy the world over. It doesn’t even taste like poop! It takes great as a matter of fact!

Mikkeller Spontanframboos – IN CANS!!

(via Untappd Rob G.)

The best of the Mikkeller Spontan series is in a CAN now?? Well color us pink! This is an amazing one and it’s half the price

De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Port Charlotte BA – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Dmitry Y.)

Oh man alive. A peated port BA stout from De Molen? OK!

De Molen Cuvee #5 (Blended BA Stouts) – LIMIT 1 PER

This is their fifth blended BA stout and it’s a blend of Spanning & Sensatie and Hel & Verdoemenis aged in Bruichladdich and Octomore barrels. Good lord! We only got a single case out of 6 that came to MO. HIGHLY limited!

Fantome Coffee Ruby – LIMIT 1 PER

Very bitter taste, it says? It’s actually a light bitter coffee on a beautiful red saison. This one is amazing.

Fantome / AZ Wilderness Desert Ghost – LIMIT 1 PER

This is a really cool collab with Fantome and AZ Wilderness. It’s a saison with spices.

Libertine Brewing Central Coast Saison – LIMIT 1 PER

 (via Untappd Brian C.)

A new brewery from Morro Bay, CA. This one comes to us from our great friends at Shelton Bros. A barrel aged and barrel fermented wild saison.

Libertine Brewing Wild IPA – LIMIT 1 PER

Their wild fermented IPA. That just sounds awesome. Will be on the flight soon, we imagine!

Libertine Brewing Authentic SLO Wild Ale – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Carlos V)

These are just so fancy looking! This one is the more limited of them.

Drie Fonteinen Oude Gueuze – NOT AVAILABLE FOR HOLD

(via Untappd Brad J)

Available in 375ML and 750ML. The most plentiful but still, dumb limited.

Drie Fonteinen Kriek – NOT AVAILABLE FOR HOLD

(via Untappd Ashley B.)

Drie Fonteinen Armand & Gaston – SOLD OUT

(via Untappd Raul Z.)

It’s hardly believable that this one is even here. It’s the stuff of myth and legend.

New Arrivals in the House!

It’s Tuesday which can only mean ONE THING… NEW BEER TIME! Let’s take a look at what’s here. Text us with any hold requests!

Want a hold? Text your name and what you’d like to 314-399-9339.

Perennial Meriwether – LIMITED SEASONAL

(via Untappd Cindy M.)

Back again for a limited time. This saison is immensley beautiful. Artfully crafted by Perennial and Commons from Portland, OR. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

Crane Dry Hopped Grapefruit Gose – LIMIT1 PER

(via Untappd Matt P.)

Oh holy crap! We LOVE the Grapefruit Gose. Now we’re getting the dry hopped version? HOT DAMN! We only got a single case so this one is highly limited.


(via Untappd Joe G.)

Another stellar Weiss from our good friends at Crane Brewing Co. This one is a tea blend on their delicious Weiss base. Awesome stuff!

Mark Twain Halley’s Blueberry Saison – FIRST BREWERY OFFERING

(via Untappd Scott K.)

FINALLY HERE! If you haven’t heard of Mark Twain Brewing yet, well look them up! They are making some amazing stuff right here in MO. They’re finally bottling some of their core beers and this one hit the market today!

Urban Family Death to Cereal – LIMIT 1 PER

(via Untappd Dan B.)

Stillwater Tangerine Haze – LIMITED SEASONAL

(via Untappd Amanda W.)

Take an IPA, infuse it with Tangerine, and then ferment it with wild yeast. If you’re thinking hoppy orange juice bomb, you’re on the right track. We had this one on tap recently and it’s AMAZING!

Urban Chestnut Hop Switch Packs – LIMITED SEASONAL

The new variety pack from UCBC hit the shelves today. Sounds SOOO good! Can’t wait to try them all.