Wednesdays At CBC. Epic.

Here’s the latest (limited) beer to hit the (unlimited) shelves:

Evil Twin Aun Mas A Jesus – Limited


On a pilgrimage for immortal craft beer we tripped on these heavenly drops of amazingly overwhelming aromas, a thick fudge-like body, pitch black color and obviously only made in limited amounts. And the taste…. even more jesus! Brewed at Companyia Cervesera del Montseny, Spain.

Evil Twin + Beavertown XXX Imperial Bitter – Limited


A new collaboration coming from Evil Twin & Beavertown. This is XXX and it is based on an 1839 British recipe. This Imperial British-style Mild Ale will come in at 9.5% abv.

Hof Ten Dormaal Kriek – Limited


Beer made with real cherries! The beer ripens during several months in original used barrels.

Lagunitas Sucks 6-PACKS


This beer is a ‘cereal medley’ of barley, rye, wheat, and oats. Full of complexishness from the 4 grains, then joyously dry-hopped for that big aroma and resinous flavor.

Omnipollo Onda – Limited


From Omnipollo: “Me and Karl reached out to Onda of STHLM Inkasso over a year ago. With beats and a rap flow like no other he had inspired us to brew a beer. Onda (5 %) is a smooth pale ale brewed with 100 % mosaic hops.”

Omnipollo Perikles – Limited


A rustic pilsner brewed with oats and unmalted wheat.

Stillwater Devil Is People – Limited


Photo credit: mybeerbuzz

A sour smoked wheat ale. This beer is a “conceptual collaboration of artistry and friendship” between “Indie folk-punk legend, Will Oldham (aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), experimental music ensemble Watter, and postmodern beer designers Stillwater Artisanal, assembled in Louisville.” This beer is part of a unique “sensory experience”.

To Ol Like Weisse – Limited


We felt like doing a beer that you could drink all day long, that would have just a bit of sourness and boatload of hops. If you ever felt likeweisse. Then this berliner weisse is just the thing.

Going Up. On a Tuesday. Beer's in the Cut and You're Choosy.

Say hello to our new friends:

The Dudes Kolschtal


A clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer usually with very subtle fruit flavors and aromas. Subdued maltiness throughout leads to a pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish.

Left Hand Introvert Session IPA


Opinionated and hopped-up, Introvert can easily be misunderstood for having a strong personality. Hop aromas of tropical papaya and kiwi with woodsy pine, balanced by honey malt and a clean bitter finish.

Shmaltz Slingshot American Craft Lager


 Boasting a bright, citrusy hop aroma, supported by touches of wheat and rye, Slingshot is guaranteed to strike the craft beer bullseye every time. Slingshot pours a bright straw color with a thin white head and light lacing. The aroma features juicy, tropical fruit notes of peach, lemon and red grapefruit with the light spice accent of noble hops. The polished malt bill is mainly 2-row pale malt with portions of Vienna and a touch of wheat and rye to add a delicate balance to the spice and fruit. It is medium in body with a smooth refreshing mouthfeel to make Slingshot a well-balanced, easy drinking American craft lager.

Stone HiFi+LoFi Mixtape EXTEMELY Limited


A beer that pays homage to a centuries-old tradition of combining new beer with aged “stock ales.” Freshly brewed beers of the day often were very smoky and bitter tasting, and were blended with older beer that had mellowed with age to produce more drinkable libations. This modern brew will showcase our brewers’ talents by blending a stock ale aged more than three months in oak foudres (large wooden fermentation vessels) with a fresh version of the same beer to create a perfect harmony spanning end to end on the taste spectrum.

Tallgrass Wooden Rooster EXTEMELY Limited


The first barrel aged release from Tallgrass is their Velvet Rooster Tripel aged in Rye Whiskey barrels which makes for an oaky vanilla finish. And it’s in 19.2 oz CANS.

Perennial Philly Taco EXTREMELY Limited

Two ways to roll up a Philly Taco. (Stephanie Aaronson/

A Belgian-style brown ale with Brettanomyces. Or a cheesesteak wrapped in a slice of pizza. You decide. But do it quickly because this is extremely limited.

New Day, New Beer

The latest and greatest to land in the shop:

Tallgrass Ginger Peach Saison

tallgrass ginger peach

Sessionable and refreshing with a strong balance of it’s namesake flavors, Ginger Peach Saison is perfect for the pool, patio, lake, or float trip. Effervescent and fruity with a light to medium body.

Firestone Walker Newness (bottles AND cans)!

Pale 31


Beautiful floral and citrus hop aromas greet the nose with undertones of lightly toasted malt.  Crisp pale and crystal malts offer a hint of sweetness. Subtle hop bitterness offers a refreshing finish.

Easy Jack


Brewmaster Matt Brynildson went to the mountain and returned with a vision for a different kind of Session IPA, one that would be brewed and dry hopped with a globetrotting selection of new hop varieties from Europe, New Zealand and North America. He foresaw a beer that would deliver massive hop aromas, a signature malt balance and an empty glass before you knew what hit you. And so the newest member of our Jack IPA family was born



It opens with a biscuity toasted malt aroma and a hint of oak and vanilla.  Pale malts create a smooth malty middle with ribbons of caramel, English toffee and toasted oak.  A tribute to English pales traditionally fermented in cask.

Pivo Hoppy Pils


Everything we love about classic German Pilsner with a hoppy Bohemian twist.  Pils is a bright straw colored lager beer with playful carbonation topped with beautiful white foam lace.  Delicate lightly toasted malt flavors underscore noble German hop character.  Hallertau-grown Magnum hops deliver the lupulin foundation while generous amounts of Spalter Select hops bring  floral aromatic and spicy herbal notes. As a twist on the traditional Pils, we dry hop with German Saphir for a touch of bergamot zest and lemongrass. A refreshing, light-bodied and hop-driven Pils.

Stone/Ecliptic/Wicked Week Points Unkown


It seemed no single beer could adequately convey the collective talents of Portland, Oregon brewing legend and Ecliptic Brewing founder John Harris; Luke and Walt Dickinson, the brewmaster duo behind North Carolina’s Wicked Weed Brewing; and Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele. So, this veritable triad of power opted to brew TWO beers. The first was a traditional Belgian-style tripel aged four months in oak barrels that originally housed red wine, then tequila. It was then blended at a one-fourth to three-fourths ratio with a freshly brewed West Coast double IPA to create this beer. A variety of diverse flavors coalesce into something more unique than any one beer our trio could have conceived.


Jolly Pumpkin

Forgotten Tales of Last Gypsy Blender Vol 1 - EXTREMELY Limited 


This oak aged sour saison is a collaboration with Celina Tio, chef/owner of JULIAN and The Belfry in Kansas City, brewed with mango and tamarind, and a touch of rye.

Weizen Bam


Ruddy golden, with yeast driven esters of lemon and banana all wrapped up with a generous dose of rapscallion delight.

North Peak Ballyhoo


The North Peak Hefeweizen is an unfiltered, cloudy golden colored beer made with pilsner and wheat malts and Tettnang and Hallertau hops. Brewed with a traditional Bavarian yeast strain, Ballyhoo has a huge banana nose with hints of spice and clove.




Old Fisherman’s Ale is a dark ale brewed with spices. Pannepot is a term that describes the Fishing Boats from the village of De Panne. Brewed and bottled on the Deca Brewery in Woesten-Vleteren.

Pannepot Reserva

Pannepot reserva

The Pannepot Reserva earned it’s name from 14 months spent in French Oak. A hazy dark-brown colored beer with a creamy beige froth, the Reserva’s aroma is very malty and softly spicy with accents of dried fruits. It tastes of oak, caramel, fruit, coffee, and refreshing hops.

Trois Dames La Fiancee Pinot Noir - Limited


Like l’Amoreuse, La Fiancée is a combination of dry saison and the freshly-squeezed juice of local grapes, blended and fermented together. The result is a relatively dry beer with a light, fruity, vinous nose. In this case, Pinot Noir grapes are used. Unfiltered, unpasteurized and re-fermented in the bottle, La Fiancée will continue to evolve and grow more acidic over time, thanks to the wild yeasts that occur naturally on the grape skins.

Fyne Ales/De Molen Mills & Hills - Limited

Fyne Ales

A jet black imperial stout with a dark caramel coloured head. The aroma is of prunes and dark fruticake with a smooth treacle like taste and a lasting warm bitter finish.

Mikkeller Beer Geek Cocoa Shake (It’s Back!) - Limited


From the beer geek breakfast series – the beer that really put Mikkeller on the map – we decided to shake things up by adding a truck load of cocao to the french press coffee trick, creating a whole new dimension to the beer that are loved by freaks and geeks worldwide.