Radlers and Local Summer Brews

The word Radler translates to “cyclist” in German… which is who they were created for! A tradition that has been a part of Germany for centuries, cyclists would bike to a beer garden as a means of getting out for the day. As a refreshment, the Radler became the perfect alternative to heavier beers. The traditional Radler is a 50:50 blend of sparkling lemonade, usually involving wheat beer or a light lager. Newer alternatives to the classic Radler are gaining popularity nationwide. Adding a variety of flavors, for example the Boulevard Lemon Ginger Radler, is starting to be the trend we’re seeing. Schöfferhofer, also known as the champagne of wheat beers, brings their legendary wheat beer together with grapefruit soda. The combination works well due to the fruity nature of the beer itself. Steigl Radler is mixing up tradition with the flavor combination of grapefruit and a light lager. Radlers are true “session” beers, generally clocking in at around 3% alcohol.

Local beers which we love for summer absolutely includes 4 Hands Contact High. They infused a light wheat beer with tons of hops and then dry-hopped the brew with orange zest. A natural tasting orange blend with a rich citrus aroma quenches thirst on a summer day. Schlafly Summer Helles is a perfect solution to hot days and an easy Summertime grab. Using German yeast and British, Bohemian and German brewing traditions, this light beer stands on its own. It holds hints of lemon with a natural spicy flavor. For a sundowner or lunch accompaniment, Perennial Hopfen Tea is a special fruity and tart beer. They add a homemade tea blend with hints of apricot and botanical aroma into their German Berlin wheat beer. This light, tart beer is a welcome alternative to heavier beers on a hot day. All of these beer blends were created to celebrate hot summer days, Make sure to give them a try as a fresh alternative and see what other amazing summer brews we have in store!  

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Here's what's new. Call us for holds at 314-222-2444. Holds are good for 24 hours only. Prairie Bomb! - LIMITED ($6.75/btl - WHAT??) Imperial Stout aged on coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans and chili peppers. Odell Brazzle - EXTREMELY LIMITED Some folks refer to the color of Fool’s Gold as Brazzle, a radiant hue much like the golden raspberry. A rare find and a unique treat, these tiny nuggets are sweet and juicy. Brazzle Sour Golden Raspberry is aged in oak barrels with wild yeasts and 300 pounds of golden raspberries. Don’t be fooled by the bubbly light mouthfeel and delicate raspberry sweetness, there’s a subtle tartness that is not quite sour enough to make you pucker, but will prickle the back of your tongue leaving a crisp and refreshing finish. Six Row & The OG Fraise Cassee A collaboration strawberry saison between some of our favorite folks; Six Row Brewing and The OG! CAM00796

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CAM00794 CAM00793 CAM00792

LEFT HAND GREAT JUJU Once beguiled by the master, this amber will take you to places where Good Juju can’t follow and you may just find yourself wanting to linger. A pungent ginger beer with a spicy aroma and noticeable ginger heat. The spicy heat is balanced out by a slight candied ginger sweetness with light caramel notes. Yes, it contains alcohol. CAM00791 EVIL TWIN & BUXTON COME AGAIN - EXTREMELY LIMITED A Trans-Atlantic Anglo-Danish Sour Ale - Please remember to come again. CAM00790 EVIL TWIN ANGLOMANIA BARLEWINE - EXTREMELY LIMITED An all English, single hop, single-malt Barley Wine. CAM00788 OMNIPOLLO FATAMORGANA DOUBLE IPA - EXTREMELY LIMITED Omnipollo Fatamorgana (8%). Drawing inspiration from the fidelity of a saison - rustic, alluringly cloudy and crisp - this double IPA was brewed using oats and wheat. Dry-hopped twice and completely untouched post fermentation to preserve aroma and flavor. CAM00787 CATHEDRAL SQUARE DI-VINE - LIMITED Red wine barrel aged saison. YUM! CAM00785 CHARLEVILLE BARLEYWINE 2015 - LIMITED CAM00784 CHARLEVILLE TRIPEL WIT - SEASONAL CAM00783 LAGUNITAS UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION SHUT DOWN ALE - SEASONAL "We brewed this especially bitter ale in dedication to all the world’s would-be astronauts, in remembrance of the 2005 St. Patrick’s Day Massacre on the Brewery Party Grounds and also in joyous celebration of our 20-day suspension that following January. Do the crime. Do the time. Get the bragging rights. Cheers!" CAM00782 ODELL TREE SHAKER IMPERIAL PEACH IPA "Colorado...we really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree! Tree Shaker Imperial IPA was brewed with 3000 pounds of pureed Colorado peaches. The bright citrus hop character and subtle fruity sweetness will get your feet tapping and your taste buds dancing. 9.7% to 10.1%." CAM00780 SUMMIT UNCHAINED HOP SILO DOUBLE IPA - SEASONAL Unchained 18: Hop Silo Double IPA has been brewed, fermented and dry-hopped to heck and back


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Freshies now in store

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4 Hands Send Help
We’re doing a DOOR TAKEOVER this week for our buddies at 4 Hands Brewing. Take a look at this bad boy and come try Send Help while it lasts!


Bell’s Oberon Cans!
We’re one of only a couple stores in the city where you can get Oberon cans today. DON’T WAIT! This will not get more fresh that it is at your Craft Beer Cellar.

Ommegang 3 Eyed Raven Dark Saison
Three-Eyed Raven is brewed with a carefully crafted mixture of specialty malts, including malted rye, midnight wheat (provides depth of color but not the roasty flavor of a dark beer), and dark candi sugar. It’s hopped with Hallertau Spalt Select, Tettnang, and Bravo hops, which give the beer a spicy, fruity character. A fair amount of late-addition hops are added for character. Three-Eyed Raven is fermented and bottle-conditioned with Ommegang’s signature house yeast.


Horny Goat Saison Song
A light saison with a hint of Strawberry

Crown Valley Blackberry Cider
This semi sweet cider uses Midwest blackberries to enhance the flavor and aroma of our hard apple cider.